Papi is a brown Chihuahua with white underbelly and wears a plaid colored collar.


Papi is a warmed hearted Chihuahua who loves his family and is very Laid back. He also tends to act like a little puppy sometimes and can be a big tough Chihuahua warrior. Papi also can be very Romantic at times.


Papi first appeared in Beverly Hills Chihuahua His owner is the gardener for this dog named Chloe's house. Love at first sight Papi tried to impress this dog by catching her a grass hopper which Chloe denies the Grass hopper and shoos papi away.

But Papi then finds out that Chloe has gone missing and worries greatly. He then wants to help find her along with the others. He thinks and searches none stop for chloe but it seems too have no use.

But then papi finds Chloe scent and starts to track her down place to place and they also find two stray dogs on there way as it is taking them a long time to find Chloe Papi gets more worried then ever.

Soon enough They find Chloe as Papi is overjoyed to see her telling her how much he has been through to find her they soon arrive home and clean up Chloe. Outside of there mansion Chloe tells Papi she would give him a chance as she starts to lick his cheek, Papi says "ay Chihuahua".

He then appears in the next film Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Now him and Chloe are getting married. As the final words were said " you may lick the bride" and Chloe and Papi shared a kiss. He is later seen slow dancing with Chloe whispering words of love and telling each other how lucky they both are. Then a shooting star and to make a wish. Once he asks what chloe wished for she said a family.He then replies " ay Chihuahua".