Tess Kate Vanessible is one of Chloe and Papi's puppies.



" as long as it doesn't involve dirt or bones"

Tess resembles her father the most out of every pup. she has short hair and has a brown fur color. She has white fur under her stomach and white tinsed around her muzzle paws and a faint white strip of fur going down too her muzzle. She has token after her father greatly by looks. She wears a lavender/light green collar


  • Tess and Rosa are often thought as the other because of their similar fur colors.Some people still call Tess Rosa but you can tell Rosa from her white mark on her forehead , long fur and her collar is red or pink when Jenna has short fur and a lavender\light green collar.


Tess's personality at first in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 is just a playful little girl with a lot of energy. But once she gets older in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 she is seen to be a lot like her mother, a fashionista at heart she hates to get dirty and likes to keep clean. She also is quite fond of cute clothes.


Tess first appears with her other siblings Rosa, Ali, Papi Jr., and Pep sliding down the mudslide with her father Papi. "*giggles* LOOK DOWN BELOW!!" she yelled plunging down the slide. she then gets yelled at by her mother and is sent back in with the others too take a bath.

later they all go too the dog park and their father teaches them how too dig. They all accidentally fling there dirt onto a fancy poodle who yells at them for it. Later when their father defends them she laughs along with the other pups about what he said.

soon after they get tucked in for bed and wanna hear a bedtime story. Of course Papi agrees and tells them. As he goes to tell Chloe to see the pups sleeping she is with them restlessly tearing up the room. the next night Papi tells them about another story including a snake. It is said by Tess she is scared of snakes and pressures Papi Jr. to save them from a branch that looked like a snake. She also laughs with the others from the window watching when Papi Jr. gets scolded.

Soon when there parents send them outside they climb up on each other trying to get Papi Jr. to see what they were talking about and tumbles down with the rest of them.

She is then seen rooting for her family members to win the fashion show. She is also bummed out too hear they lost the competition.

When Papi Jr. urges them to come with him to find Delgado's sons, they find themselves trapped in bags of money that they tried to steal to keep Papi's parents house. Tess is seen being zipped up with Pep. Soon rescued by her parents and glad they didn't get a huge punishment instead got praised by their mother they were happy when they got to keep their house.

in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta! She is seen to be the girly girl of the group and has matured over time. She is seen too not like dirt or anything that gets her dirty. She seems too take a lot after her mother being fancy and clean.

When they arrive at the hotel with the other pups she is very exited and interested. They also are assigned now to go to school which she doesn't mind, But when her sister gets bullied for being small she gets angry and insults the dog who messed with her sister swim shorts saying " eww is that spandex! ". She also chants as Pep pulls back her spandex swim shorts and lets them go hurting their victim.

When Rosa, real name, Avery, wants too customize her floaties and puts a sparkle on it for fashion.

She is then seen at her sister Rosa's quinceanera watching her happily and getting excited knowing one day she will be a kinse to.



Tess and Papi's relationship is pretty decent, they aren't seen a lot together in the films and Tess is seen more of a mothers girl. Even though Papi doesn't appear a lot with her he stills knows and loves her very well preparing a fancy breakfast he knew only Tess would prefer. She does seem too care about her father as she does root for him when he was in the fashion show and upset that he lost. She also gets complemented by Papi quite often.


Tess is seen too have token after her mother she loves to be clean and fashionable and has the temper of her mother which means she probably has spent a lot of time with her. Her and her mother are seen together quite a few times in the films.


Tess and Rosa have a good relationship. They have seen too get into a small argument in the first film but otherwise they have a sister relationship. They aren't seen often together but Tess gets angry and annoyed when a bigger dog makes fun of Rosa at doggy school and insults his "spandex" swim shorts. She also chants as Pep decides to get payback on the dog for making fun of her sister by pulling his spandex back and letting it go hurting the dog. She also helps Rosa customize her floaties putting a sparkle at the top and helps set up Rosa's quinceanera. As we can see they have a pretty mysterious and good relationship


Tess and Allie seem too have a unknown and sisterly relation ship. There both pretty much complete opposites and don't hang out much but seem too get along fine. Tess also seems too think Allie is more of a tomboy get my paws dirty type of girl which she doesn't judge her at all.

Papi Jr.Edit

Tess and papi jr. have a nice brother/sister bond together. Tess also likes to laugh at Papi Jr. when he gets in trouble for dumb reasons and she also likes his encouragement and his courage for becoming a Chihuahua warrior. They aren't seen too much together and hardly ever bicker ( 1 or 2) she also is the one who mainly pressures him to wear cute clothes. and in general they are just good siblings that get along.


Tess and Pep are nice together and have a pretty good bond. They are seen with each other when they get captured by the robbers in the bread factory. But Pep and Tess's relationship is a bit unknown but They are supportive of each other and never fight.