Apart from any continent in Earth,there is an undiscovered but modern city called Certain City.And,today,Certain City runs an event: Certainian Dogs Show.In Certain City,there is a school called DLTK School.The students there discussed the Certainian Dogs Show.Especially,Year 4 students."You know what,Edelweiss,I'll bring Lurvy to the Certainian Dogs Show tonight!" Jesse happily said."Oh yea,I'll also bring Tanya! I think Tanya and Lurvy will make good friends." Edelweiss replied."Hey,if you all go to the Certainian Dogs Show,you'll meet King Henry.He'll be the biggest dog in the show!" Jordan boasted."Sasa and Nana surely be glad to meet all the dogs.You'll notice,how cute are they with their black spots!" Elizabeth added.So,Jesse,Edelweiss,Jordan and Elizabeth will go to the Certainian Dogs Show together.And,the show had come! Lots of dogs were in the queue.And,while the humans are away.. they talked."Bomber,I like your look.No Dobermans had dressed up like a soccer player." said Lurvy the Labrador Retriever to Bomber the Doberman."Thank you." Bomber replied.The female dogs were fussing about."Sasa,Nana,you filthy twins! I don't want to make Chirsten upset by asking her to comb my hair again!" protested Whitelacey the Maltese."Sorry,orry,sorry,orry,sorry Whitelacey!" Sasa said.Nana barked.Yes,the twin Dalmatians loved to make trouble."WHROOOOOFFFF!!!!" a tremendous bark had come against the female dogs.They said,"DON'T,MR.GREAT DANE,DON'T!!!!!!" and some weak barks followed by.King Henry the Great Dane faced them,and laughed."YOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!" a female Siberian Husky named Charlene roared.A Chow-Chow named Gwendelyn laughed."Dear Miss Siberian Husky,could you please stop frightening dogs smaller than you?" Tanya,a Golden Retriever,asked."Hey,girls,stop that awful fuss! Be quiet! A human stampede is racing before us!" a German Shepherd named Damien signaled.And,soon,all dogs are quiet.Only some small barks were remaining."ATTENTION ALL,WE CANCELED THE CERTAINIAN DOG SHOW BECAUSE ALL DOGS DON'T OBEY RULES!!!!!!!!!" a loud,hollering voice came."WE CALLED MADEMOISELLE THE LABRADOR,BUT NO DOG CAME!" Mademoiselle the Labrador's heart seems stopped.She ran to her owner Darrell.Darrell brought her home.Yes,next time,dogs must obey the Dogs Show's rules.

Papi told this story to his children before bedtime.