Chloe The Dog

Chloe Vanessible is is a pampered, spoiled, white female Beverly Hill chihuahua. Her owner is Vivian and her mate is Papi. She is voiced by Drew Berrymore who also played Gertie in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Maggie Dunlop from Curious George, Akima in Titan A.E. and Dylan Sanders in Charile's Angels and Charile's Angels: Full Throttle, in the first movie, but was replaced with Odette Annable .


Chloe is a pure white female chihuahua with brown eyes. She wears a diamond collar from Harry Winston and is dressed in many outfits several times throughout one day. She also uses Chanel #5 (or Mexico #5).


Vivian Ashe (Owner) Papi (Husband)
Rosa (Daughter)
Lala (Daughter)
Pep (Daughter)
Ali (Daughter)
Papi Jr.(Son)