The vicor:Ladies and gentlemen!We are here today celebrate the union of two very special inviduals.

The vicor:Two souls that shall becomes one and shine only more brightly together

Vivian:I can't belive this day is here

The vicor:Won't you please join me in bringing toghether in marriage and much beloved couple!

The Vicor:Chloe and Papí

Chloe:Oh! Papí

Papí: Ay, Chihuahua

Chloe's friend 1:Oh, I jut so happy for them

Chloe's friend 2:Me too!

Chloe's friend 3:Always a bridesmaid, never a bride

The vicor:You may all be seated(talk to humans)Sit!(talk to dogs)

The vicor:Chloe and Papi, do you take each other to love and honor! In good times and bab

The vicor:And wet nose and dry nose, as long as you both shall live?

Papí:I do

Chloe:I do

The vicor:I now pronouceyou husband and wife, you may lick the bride!

Chloe:A toast to the newlyweds. They're perfect together like Romeo and Juliet